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Welcome to the Geoportal, the innovative spatial data management platform dedicated to Africa. Our mission is to provide centralized, user-friendly access to geospatial information from multiple countries across the continent. Whether you are a researcher, an urban planner, a government decision-maker or simply someone wanting to explore the world from a new perspective, Geoportail is your one-stop shop for discovering, analyzing and using rich and varied geographic data.

With Geoportal, you can explore interactive maps rich in detail, superimposing layers of information such as administrative boundaries, infrastructure, natural resources and much more. Our intuitive interface allows you to easily zoom, rotate, and navigate through the data to gain an in-depth understanding of each country's geographic features.

Whether you need data for urban planning, resource management, strategic decision-making or academic research, Geoportail provides you with powerful tools to perform advanced spatial analyses. You can also customize your own maps by combining different layers of information and sharing them with other users.

Geoportail is also committed to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange by facilitating the sharing of geospatial data between African countries. Our platform encourages networking and cooperation, thereby contributing to a better understanding of regional challenges and the search for common solutions.

Join us on Geoportail and discover a new universe of spatial data just a click away. Explore, learn and make informed decisions for a more informed future in Africa.

Wetland monitoring

Users can monitor the progress of their protected areas. With user-friendly dashboards and detailed reporting, they have full visibility into land use and the results achieved.

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Knowledge sharing

Geoportal promotes absolute transparency by providing access to key information on financed agricultural projects. Investors can view farmer profiles, project details, targets set and progress made.

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Social and environmental impact

The Geoportal highlights the real impact of environmental protection policies on the territory.

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The Geoportal is committed to fostering research and knowledge in responsible and transparent management. Join us today to be part of this exciting adventure and contribute to the positive transformation of this field.